A     G A R D E N     F A I R E

A Garden Faire, instrumentals by Jim Valley
Jim Valley's CD release "A Garden Faire"
is a 14 song compilation of calming and inspiring instrumentals,
featuring Jim on piano, with the occasional assist from multi-instrumentalists
Bruce Kurnow and Jim Hoke, along with Austin Hoke.

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A Garden Faire album by Jim Valley


Ebb and Flow Sample
Prayer Wheel Sample
Spring Fandango Sample

S O N G       L I S T
Ebb & Flow
Celtic Wedding
Spring Fandango
Walter Popsicle
Really Pretty
Lamp Light
Candle Light
Prayer Wheel
Healing Song
Lavender Dreams
Blake's Song
If I Were A Bird Tonight

"This touches the heart and carries it to the most wonderful place. It's mesmerizing."
Nancy Immel

"I've been listening to and basking in the resplendent beauty of your new CD - 'A Garden Faire.' The songs and instruments are flawless and although each piece is unique, to me, together they unfold to tell a single joyful story. The songs echo tales of journeys and adventure - "Really Pretty," "Lamp Light," "Candle Light" (evokes images in me of the time I spent with the statues of saints in cathedrals in Mexico, surrounded by candles) - and solace and comfort - "Healing Song," "Lavender Dreams" (which you so kindly shared with me with the passing of Trini), "Prayer Wheel" (ethereal, my personal favorite) - and joy and blessings - "Ebb and Flow" (a peaceful day by the sea), "Celtic Wedding" (lovebirds), "Resilience" (especially beautiful), "Spring Fandango" (rebirth), "Starling" (I could hear the fluttering). "If I Were a Bird Tonight" presents a hopeful sign of good things to come. So - thank you so much for sharing this treasure with me and giving me the chance to express what the songs made me feel."
-- Linda Edlund

"These thoughts thoughts stand tall and pour out of this album. Maya Angelou said that 'The greatest achievement in life is to be remembered, not so much for what you did, but for how you made others feel.' You will never forget how you feel after listening to these songs. Piano and song joined together in a beautiful interplay of instruments for a rollicking, colorful, and dreamy adventure in the garden. Sometimes adventurous, sometimes pastoral, always splashes of love among the artistry in the compositions of Jim Valley. I don't know how you get your music to the powers that be in that type of market but I think it would appeal to an audience that appreciates less electronics and more organic in nature real music. Just saying."
-- Brian Bahr
"Unexpected. Wonderful. Inspired.
-- Dick Curtis, former KJR (Seattle) radio personality

Jim Valley, A Garden Faire